27 certifications from 15 suppliers
With 27 certifications from 15 different suppliers we're always ready to provide the best service. The certifications ensure that all international standards are followed and service will be handled correctly.

Training program

  • General knowledge on splicing of 12-braided rope
  • Tuck splice / 12-finger splice
  • Cross-splice
  • Double splice

Authorised to install, commission, service and conduct the annual performance test survey on the following equipment and associated interfaces:

  • X-Series VDR & SVDR Systems
  • VR2272B VDR & SVDR Systems
  • Fiber Optic
  • 3M NPC & Fiberlok tm Installations
  • TCP/IP og Router
  • Certified Fiber Optic Technicians
  • Eftirlit við GMDSS radioútgerð umborð á skipum
  • Fastbygdar Eldsløkkiskipanir FS49C2 umborð á skipum
  • Isolatiónsmátingar av EL-innleggingum umborð á skipum (megging)
  • HAES Eldávaringarskipan umborð á skipum

Authorized to install, commission and maintain the following AIS:

  • Simrad Class A AIS V5035
  • Simrad Class B AIS Nais-400
  • Inspection and testing of radio communication equipment and Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), in accordance with Class Programme DNVGL – CP – 0484
  • Shore Based Maintenance, Programming and Service on the Jotron EPIRBs like TRON 60S
  • Gasseous Fire Extinguishing Agents
  • F-Gas Qualification Certificate for Fire Technicians
  • Thermografering Level 1
  • Esento Marine fire alarm equipment training course
  • ABA Automatic Firealarm Systems Certified
  • Thermographic Fire Prevention Certified
  • Technical Service
  • Løggildingarprógv sum EL-Innleggjarar
  • Partner Network Technical Training