Faroese Maritime Authority
Authorization letter "Fixed fire-extinguishing systems onboard ships". Authorization area 1. Sort "Clean Agent FS49C2, Brassbell A/S"

Faroese Maritime Authority Authorization letter
"Inspection of GMDSS radio equipment onboard ships". Authorization area 11.

Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine
Product Support Training Programme "BM-E Radar Operation Installation & Maintenance"

Brassbell, fire technology
Certificate of Participation "Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Agents"

  • Fire dynamics & physics, fire suppression and extinction
  • Basic training in gaseous extinguishing system lay-outs
  • Criteria for designing and dimensioning of FS49C2 systems
  • Education in hardware & components design and functions
  • Installation, maintenance and servicing of FS49C2 systems
  • Knowledge and interpretation of rules & regulations

Orbit AquaCam (OrbitGMT)

  • Service education
  • Orbit-school
  • Installation and partitioning off full camera equipment with winch
  • Programming of PSU, sender and control panel
  • Maintenance and procedure
  • Debugging
  • General use of equipment

Ocea FeedStation and service education

Telecommunication Authority of the Faroe Islands
General GMDSS certificate, use of all GMDSS radio equipment (GOC)
LRC radio certificate, use of maritime MF-, HF-, VHF- and equipment (LRC)

Mobilarm (Sea Marshall)
Service education


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